The Shattered Realms

The Great Changes
The Rise of the CMA, the Fall of an Era.

The Beginnings of the CMA

Some events begin as the tiniest kernel of an idea. Long ago, the mutters and grumbles of tavern regulars gave birth to the idea of a “Council for Magical Archival.” The CMA was to be an effort to catalogue and “tuck away” dangerous magical items. As power and more supporters were funneled into the CMA, its scope grew and warped. Before long, and seemingly without pressure from any single person or group, the purposes of this group had become the capture and destruction of all magical items, as well as the “rehabilitation” of magic users. The majority of the Shattered Realms’ people still viewed the CMA with what could be called bemusement, but it would not be long before things changed.

The Destruction of the Far Lands

On a typical summer afternoon, the world was shaken to its very core. A mad druid managed to collect both The Ruby of Visions and The Psionic Circlet and unite them, gaining both supreme arcane knowledge and the ultimate psionic power. A brave group of adventurers rushed to the Far Lands in the east to stop him, but ultimately failed; only one survived to tell the tale of the Far Lands’ fate. According to legend, the Circlet and the Ruby merged for one brief second, and it seemed the druid would get exactly what he wanted. His victory did not last; the energies in both artifacts in an incredibly volatile fashion, and neither artifact could survive the presence of the other. The result was a blast that spread out to engulf the entirety of the eastern lands in flames and force. When the smoke cleared, the sands of the east had turned to glass, and there was no life to be found for hundreds upon hundreds of miles. All over the world, earthquakes and fierce storms heralded the calamity, and it is said the gods themselves felt the explosion. At the center of the blast area stood a monument to what had passed, a large settlement that had would become a warning to some, reminder to all: The Glass City.

The Great Gathering

Such an event would not go unnoticed, of course, and so it was decided that the greatest and most powerful in the Realms would meet to determine the cause of the destruction. Archmages, great heroes, Kings, Emperors, and more traveled to the Glass City, chosen as a somber reminder to put aside rivalries and wars. The Gathering was meant to determine how to “fix” the situation, but once underway quickly degenerated into a shouting match. On one side were those that claimed magic was the root cause of the incident, and as such should be outlawed. On the other side were those that saw magic as a tool, and perhaps even a defense against those that would cause such destruction again. The CMA reared its head, and pushed for a vote by all present. When the tally came, the Council for Magical Archival had suddenly risen from a group of marginalized hicks to the single largest government the Realms had ever seen. The Council sent its members back to their respective lands to make its judgment known, and at the same time those that saw the use in magic gathered their most trusted allies and began preparations. The war was about to begin.

The War for Magic

Forgotten History
...even legends fade over time...
Stories are passed down from generation to generation. Some stories become more potent with each telling; some lose the larger meaning, and are relegated to mere entertainment. Over great oceans of time, however, all stories fade into legend. Those legends, too, become mere shadows of their meaning, until only a few sages know the relevance of a story, or even recognize the words. And when the world has seen as much as this one has, perhaps those sages fade away as well. These are the stories that history no longer recalls. Perhaps a dusty old tome, locked far below the earth, still holds pieces of these memories, waiting for an intrepid adventurer to find them; for now, the people of the Shattered Realms know nothing of what came before.

The Colossus

Civil War

Ruby of Visions

The Dark One

Obsidian Island


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