The Shattered Realms

Forgotten History

...even legends fade over time...

Stories are passed down from generation to generation. Some stories become more potent with each telling; some lose the larger meaning, and are relegated to mere entertainment. Over great oceans of time, however, all stories fade into legend. Those legends, too, become mere shadows of their meaning, until only a few sages know the relevance of a story, or even recognize the words. And when the world has seen as much as this one has, perhaps those sages fade away as well. These are the stories that history no longer recalls. Perhaps a dusty old tome, locked far below the earth, still holds pieces of these memories, waiting for an intrepid adventurer to find them; for now, the people of the Shattered Realms know nothing of what came before.

The Colossus

Civil War

Ruby of Visions

The Dark One

Obsidian Island



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